European Association for the Study of Diabetes Eye Complications Study Group Eva Kohner Awards

The Eva Kohner Award is made in recognition of important contributions to knowledge in the field of diabetic eye disease and its complications.

Eva Kohner Award Recipients

31st EASDec Meeting, Odense, Denmark 2021
    Professor Simon Harding, Liverpool
    Detecting diabetic retinopathy – timing is everything

30th EASDec Virtual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain 2020
    No award recipient mentioned in programme> skipped because of virtual meeting

29th EASDec Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2019
    Professor Alan Stitt, Professor of Experimental Ophthalmology, Queen's University Belfast, UK
    Identifying new therapeutic options for diabetic retinopathy: insights gained from understanding basic

28th EASDec Meeting, Belfast, Northern Ireland 2018
    Professor Lloyd Paul Aiello, Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School, USA
    Diabetic eye disease – providing the best possible care

27th EASDec Meeting, Budapest, Hungary 2017
    Steve Aldington, Gloucester, UK
    I've looked at life from both sides now

26th EASDec Meeting, Manchester 2016
    Thomas W Gardner, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (with contribution from Jeffrey Sundstrom)
    A proposal for early and patient specific treatment for diabetic retinopathy

25th EASDec Meeting, Turin 2015
    Peter Scanlon, Gloucester, UK
    Diabetic retinopathy and DME/DMO endpoints and outcome measures in clinics, trials and

24th EASDec Meeting, Padova, Italy in 2014
    Elisabeth Agardh, Lund, Sweden
    Diabetic retinopathy: more than just a microvascular disease

23rd EASDec Meeting: Barcelona, Spain - 2013
    Francesco Bandello, Milan, Italy
    The association of laser with intravitreal therapies can improve the results of our DR

22nd EASDec Meeting: Dublin, Ireland - 2012
    Hans-Peter Hammes, Heidelberg, Germany
    Diabetic retinopathy - lessons from preclinical models

21st EASDec Meeting: Gdańsk, Poland - 2011
    Irene Stratton, Gloucester, UK
    Does high blood pressure matter in DR? A review of evidence old and new

20th EASDec Meeting: Paris, France - 2010
    John Fuller, London, UK
    The epidemiology of diabetic retinopathy - insights from the EURODIAB study

19th EASDec Meeting: Oxford, United Kingdom- 2009
    Ronald Klein Wisconsin, USA
    The changing incidence of diabetic retinopathy and visual impairment

18th EASDec Meeting: Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2008
    Jose Cunha Vaz Coimbra, Portugal
    The primary role of endothelial dysfunction in diabetic retinopathy

17th EASDec Meeting: Rome, Italy - 2007
     Massimo Porta Turin, Italy
     Retinopathy as an indicator of cardiovascular risk

16th EASDec Meeting: Åarhus, Denmark - 2006

15th EASDec Meeting: Coimbra, Portugal - 2005

14th EASDec Meeting: Munich, Germany - 2004

6th EASDec Meeting Vienna - 1996

4th EASDec Meeting Turin - 1994 »


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