The EASDec Skills Transfer Awards 2018

EASDec is pleased to announce its 2nd year of the Skills Transfer Awards. The aim is to promote the transfer of scientific and clinical skills within Europe through short term placements to acquire laboratory techniques or clinical skills. Two awards will be given each year with the aim of fostering collaborations between institutions across Europe.

About the Award

A list of active research and specialist clinical centres in Europe who have agreed to offer placements to trainees is available here »

The award is for up to Euro 10,000 to cover stipend, travel, accommodation and consumables.

Candidates may apply for an award to undertake a period of:
  1. research observership to gain a laboratory skill or technique and foster links between research labs in Europe
  2. undertake a period  of clinical observership to acquire diagnostic and or clinical management skills, clinical research techniques, grading or image analysis
Proposals must be made via the outline application form. The application should indicate the area of skills to be transferred in diabetic eye complications, and what will be the benefit to the successful candidate and to their institution.

The application process will be in three stages.

Stage 1: Completion of the outline application form ». You will be asked to describe the area of skills transfer in diabetic eye complications, identify a sponsor and identify up to three preferred training centres »
Stage 2: Outline applications will be reviewed by members of the EASDec Board for eligibility and forwarded to the proposed training centre(s) for their agreement in principle.
Stage 3: On receipt of agreement in principle from one or more training centre(s) you will be sent a full application for you and the host institution to complete jointly. Full applications will be reviewed by independent academic assessors and members of the EASDec Board and successful applicants notified.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Awards are restricted to residents of European countries, with relevant basic experience, affiliated to recognised institutions, and placements must take place in European centres.
  2. Candidates should have attended a previous EASDec or be registered for the next annual meeting.
  3. The duration of placements is flexible but must be appropriate for the planned placement, skills(s) to be transferred and the experience of the trainee, and typically be no more than 12 months. Funding must be taken up within 12 months of formal notification of receipt of award.
  4. Applications from trainees from institutions of members of the review committee will be accepted but any conflicts of interest should be declared. The panel will take these into consideration during the selection process.
  5. Awards will be made to the host institution with an agreed timeline in the form of a grant to the host trainer.
  6. A written report should be submitted to the EASDec Board and the results presented to the EASDec annual meeting as an abstract.


  • Details of Awards announced: 22 February 2018
  • Stage 1 - Outline application:  16 April 2018
  • Stage 2 - Review of applications: end April 2018
  • Stage 3 - Full applications invited: early May (opportunity to review applications during EASDec Annual meeting) 6 weeks deadline for submission.
  • Successful Awards announced: July 2018

Links to documents:-

  1. Host training centres »
  2. Outline application form »



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